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Wine Smart Course | Get Wine Smart During Naptime

Have you ever wanted to learn more about wine without becoming a total wine snob?  This wine smart course is for you.

Get Wine Smart

On the topic of wine, there are a million books and periodicals, a thousand websites, and hundreds of courses. They all promise to “give you a set of new abilities” or “get you tasting like a wine expert” or “prepare you for the challenges of wine tasting.”

So, you’re telling me that I’m supposed to taste wine like a pro? Learn how to do a good sensory evaluation? Who the hell cares about that! What about us regular people? I’m not trying to be a professional wine judge, snooty wine critic, or even master sommelier, whatever the heck that is. I just want to drink a good bottle of wine with my dinner without having to spend too much money.

How do I do that?

First, you can take some of our recommendations. We may not be total experts, but we like what we like.

Online Wine Class

If you want to delve more into wine and learn how to taste it like a professional, there are plenty of resources to help you like this great class we found: Get Wine Smart.

In this session, Professor Boyer provides a no-BS approach to wine and wine tasting that is aimed at real people. This is an in-depth, hands-on curriculum for appreciating and comprehending wine. Wine is not only a drink of pleasure and leisure, but it is also the beverage of education, socialization, and civilization—and that is no exaggeration.

Wine consumption in the United States is experiencing a major shift away from beer and hard spirits, with a younger generation of drinkers developing an appreciation for wine as part of their diet, socializing, and overall lifestyle.

Take a preview of the class & let us know what you think.  While you’re thinking about wine, take a peek at this special we found just for you from NakedWines.  Wine delivery right to your door — 6 bottles for just $34.99. 

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