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wine storage
Learn About Wine

Mama’s Guide to Wine Storage

It’s time for some wine storage 101. If you’re anything like me, you understand that a good glass of wine is like a mini-vacation—a few …

finger lakes winery tours picnic

Finger Lakes Winery Tours: A Perfect Way to Spend a Day

If you’re looking for a fun and interesting way to spend a day with your girlfriends, consider visiting your favorite vineyards for Finger Lakes Winery …

health benefits of red wine

The 5 Surprising Health Benefits of Red Wine

Do you like to enjoy a glass of red wine after work? Or maybe you like to drink it at dinner? Well, you’re not alone. …

how many wine bottles in a case
Learn About Wine

How Many Wine Bottles in a Case

Do you know how many wine bottles are in a case? If not, don’t worry – you’re not alone. Many people don’t know the answer …

how to host a wine tasting party
Learn About Wine

How to Host a Wine Tasting party

If you’ve ever wanted to become familiar with more wines, today we’re sharing some great ideas for a wine tasting party. It’s a great way …

wine smart course

Wine Smart Course | Get Wine Smart During Naptime

Have you ever wanted to learn more about wine without becoming a total wine snob? This wine smart course is for you.

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